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Shadow Bans: The Facts

Shadow Bans: The Facts

There’s 2 words in ‘Insta land’ that seem to have businesses all over the world shaking in their booties.  Can you take a guess at what they are?  Yep, ‘SHADOW BAN’.  Everyone is confused, people don’t know or understand why it’s happening and it’s greatly affecting the reach of so many previously successful Instagram business operators.

It’s safe to say that for the last month or so, lots of businesses have been reporting a decrease in their engagement levels across the Instagram platform.  We don’t know why but can take a guess and say those Instagram Gods are having a play around to determine what big algorithm change they can implement next!  If you’ve noticed a big decrease in your engagement levels but you’ve been playing nice and following all the rules, you probably haven’t been shadow banned.

It’s likely those businesses shadow banned are ones that have breached one of Instagram’s Terms of Agreement. Break the rules and Instagram makes your posts practically invisible to everyone, even if you’re using popular hashtags.

Want to check if you’ve been shadow banned? This awesome site allows you to enter your Instagram name or URL and check (

I’m thinking there’s a lot of changes coming down the line for business users of Instagram….stay tuned.

Happy socialising,

Maree Sortino

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